Thanksgiving Preorders

This year, we are offering 100% pasture-raised turkeys from right here in NY State. These all-natural birds are completely free of any antibiotics or hormones, and enjoy a natural diet of foraged food and non-GMO cereals. We have a limited number of birds on offer, so place your order soon to guarantee availability. The deadline for pre-orders is Wednesday, November 20th 2019.

Got questions about Thanksgiving pre-orders? Check out our FAQ page! Useful answers include:

Pastured Local Turkey

Local pasture-raised turkeys from Oink & Gobble Farm in Interlaken, NY. They're processed on the farm and delivered to us fresh, never frozen. Free of hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs, these are some of the tastiest birds around - think crispy-skinned drumsticks and tender, juicy breast meat.

Whole Roast Ham

Our roast ham is prepared, cured, and smoked in house for that classic holiday flavor. We start with all natural heritage breed hogs raised from Flying Pigs Farm in Ghent, NY.  Hot smoked slowly over local hardwood, we make sure each one comes out juicy, smoky, and irresistible.

Whole Local Duck

Pekin Duck, aka Long Island Duck, is our favorite duck for roasting whole. Less gamey than some varieties, the birds weigh about 5-7 lbs, without too much fat. Once raised at farms across the country, these birds now come from just one farm on Long Island. Each bird feeds 2-4, depending on appetite.

Looking for something different? We're happy to source any variety of game birds, poultry, and other proteins for your holiday celebration. Capons, guinea fowl, cornish hens, crown pork roast, prime rib... you name it. But time is of the essence! Send an email to to inquire about other options.