Our Butcher Partners & Purveyors


fingerlakes farms

FingerLakes Farms is dedicated to providing local products in order to promote local farmers in the Ithaca area. FingerLakes supports a network of sustainable farms practicing land stewardship and ethical animal husbandry practices.

VT99 Meats

VT99 is a partnership between cheesemaker Jasper Hill Farm and vegetable garden Pete's Greens in Hardwick, VT. Together, they pasture heritage breed pigs in seasonal rotation in order to feed the land and build healthy soil instead of depleting its nutrients. VT99's pigs eat a healthy diet of vegetable scraps, cheese bits, and whey.

Flying Pigs Farm

Flying Pigs Farm raises over 1000 rare-breed heritage pigs on the Battenkill River in Ghent, NY. They're just 200 miles north of New York City, where Mike Yezzi purchased 150 acres of land to protect its historic agricultural value. Flying Pigs has been raising pigs since 2000.


Rosenkrans farms

Raised in Seneca Falls, NY, Rosenkrans' herd of "black beauties" are a cross between black angus and polled Hereford cows. The herd is pasture raised and grass-fed, without any hormone implants or antibiotics thanks to Jeff Rosenkrans and his father.

hardwick beef co-op

Hardwick Beef is an Essex, CT co-operative dedicated to providing safe and healthy 100% grass-fed beef to the entire Northeast region. Their cows are grass-fed and grass-finished, pasture raised, sustainably farmed, and never fed antibiotics, hormones, or other drugs.

Kinderhook Farm

We source beef, pork, and lamb from Kinderhook farm in Kinderhook, NY. Their pasture-raised Black Angus and Red Devon cows are fed a grass and legume diet with no grains, antibiotics, or growth hormones. Kinderhook also raises a mix of heritage breed pigs and a flock of Dorper ewes.


Evans & Evans Farm

Evans & Evans is a family-run farm in Andes, New York. Their flock of Katahdin hair sheep are grass-fed and grass-finished, ethically raised throughout their lives, and herded by trained border collies to minimize stress. Evans & Evans is dedicated to both land stewardship and ethical animal husbandry in order to improve the quality of their meats and to protect their historic farmland.

Royalton Farms

Through their conception to consumer program, Royalton Farms oversees every stage of their animals' happy, healthy lives. Through rotational grazing and sustainable pasture management principles in South Royalton, VT, Royalton Farms ensures their cattle, pigs, and sheep are well cared-for and results in better quality meat products.