Foster Sundry

Foster Sundry is a specialty grocery located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Since we opened in August 2015, the shop has evolved into a neighborhood hub for everything from weekend brunch to weeknight groceries, coffee on your morning commute and a draft beer after work.

We are Bushwick's first full-service cheese counter. We carry a variety of American and European artisan cheeses that always represent what's in season and what's delicious. Our mongers are some of the best, nerdiest cheese people around, and our selection reflects our focus on relationships, with producers as much as customers. These are real cheeses made by real people on real farms—we only carry stuff we love.

Our whole-animal butcher counter is run by a team of experienced, knowledgeable meat mongers who are happy to cut, tie, spatchcock, and french to your specifications. We work with local purveyors that we know and trust in the tri-state area. All of our producers operate in keeping with ethical and sustainable animal husbandry practices. Our colorful selection of sausages have been featured in Bon Appetit magazine and live on ABC television.

We offer a wide variety of specialty grocery products, from Italian arrabbiatta made by nonnas in Rome to Middle Eastern za'atar blended right here in Brooklyn. Our shelves are stocked with boutique ferments, freshly milled local flour, and the best imported handmade pastas. The grocery department is driven by our commitment to support local businesses and offer top quality products, all with an eye on value. Get stuff to eat or get stuff to cook, and let our team help you with new ingredients and inventive recipes.

Our coffee program is a pillar of both our business and our community. We feature Parlor Coffee in our drip and espresso, and partner with City of Saints on a custom cold brew. All of our espresso drinks are brewed on our PB2 La Marzocco machine and served in Churchill Pottery porcelain serviceware.

All of the food out of the Foster Sundry kitchen is made by hand, with love, to order. The meats in our sandwiches and salads come straight from the butcher counter, and we strive to feature local, organic, and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. We update our sandwich menu regularly, based on seasonal availability and on our weather-inspired cravings, like warm chili in the winter and that drool-worthy beef bacon BBLT in the summer.

We have a small but highly curated selection of craft beer from across the country and around the world. We focus primarily on New York State beers made by long-time friends on draft, and we always make sure to stock the latest on-trend can and bottle releases. In addition to beer, we also carry the widest retail cider selection available in Brooklyn. Most of our ciders are naturally fermented to dry or near-dry, and none of our selections are back sweetened.